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A Few of Our Favorite Things...

At Charleston Hardware Co., we're taking the time to appreciate a few of our favorite products this holiday season. Here's a little motivation and inspiration for your hardware refresh this upcoming New Year!

From intricate door knobs to our ferocious lion door knockers, follow along as we showcase some of our favorite hardware pieces here at Charleston Hardware Company.

The Bennington Knob

Our Bennington doorknobs are hand swirled with several colors of clay. They are fired in an oven to give the illusion of being marble or wood. Each knob has a different design with colors that go all the way through the knob.

They are also referred to as "mineral" knobs. The clay knob has an opening on the back side to attach the ferrule. Also available in undersized closet and cabinet knob sizes.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears... OH MY!

Well... maybe not the bears! We were very excited to share our new line of door knockers with you this year! Our team collected antique American pieces and remade each individual mould. Our foundries carefully cast them one at a time in heavy, solid brass.

Although a crowd favorite here in Charleston, SC are our ferocious lion door knockers, we have a wide selection of styles and designs for you to choose from. Above, our Lady Doorknocker is sitting pretty inside a gorgeous Christmas wreath -- perfect for holiday decor!

Browse more of our distinguished knockers below...

Stainless Steel S-Scroll Shutter Dogs

These shutter dogs are recommended near the coast where salt water exposure is a fact of life. As much as these shutter dogs are important for keeping your shutters locked in an open position, they are also a great opportunity to personalize the exterior of your home.

Our Egg and Dart Pattern

The Egg and Dart neoclassical pattern was originally seen in ancient Greco/Roman architecture. The egg represents life, and the dart death. This series appeared around 1900 and was cast in solid brass. We collected antique pieces and remade the moulds. Each piece is cast one at a time in the finest sand to capture the smallest details. Finishing is done by hand just as it was over a century ago. The back plate and 3”rosette sets are compatible with standard 2 1/8” pre-bored doors.

A popular combination is our vintage crystal knobs against our Egg and Dart back-plates. The two together create a beautiful decorative accessory for any room in your home.

Each of our intricate pieces are hand cast in iron, brass, or bronze to match the detailing, textures, metal content and color of their antique originals. Browse more of our gorgeous hardware selection on our website or come visit us after the holidays!

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