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A Few Tips for Using Decorative or Antique Hardware on Your New Doors

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

We get this question a lot:  “How do I use antique hardware on my new doors?”  

  1. Remove existing hardware.

  2. Note the door borings (cuts) for the old hardware.  Most new doors have a 2 1/8” round bore going through the door.

  3. Select hardware that will cover the old borings. In the case above, select 3” rosettes or back plates that are 2 ¼” wide so that the hole will be covered.  (The 3” rosettes screw in around the outside of the hole.)

  4. Replace the existing latch with a reproduction latch available from CHCo.  It works with the same spindle dimensions as antique doorknobs.  

  5. That’s it!

For doors that have smaller borings than the 2 1/8” hole, smaller rosettes and more narrow back plates may be used.  For exterior doors, choose larger plates that will cover the previous hardware’s ghost.

For doors with many holes, consider filling them in with wood Bondo and then repainting the door.

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