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The door can be locked 3 ways and all three lock the doorknob on the outside. It is only unlocked by pushing the buttons. This lock uses a jointed spindle so that the inside doorknob never locks.


These are the 3 ways to lock the door:

-key from outside locks knob and throws deadbolt

-turn piece from inside locks the knob and throws deadbolt

-push buttons (only locks the doorknob, does not throw the deadbolt); used when leaving.  No key is needed.


2.75" Baldwin Mortise Lock with Buttons

  • Finish Codes

    US3 Polished Brass

    US3A Unlacquered Brass*

    US7 Hand Antiqued Brass*

    US9A Polished Bronze*

    US9B Antiqued Bronze*

    US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze

    US8 Antique Copper

    *requires finishing service charge





    US9A Polished Bronze

    US9B Antiqued Bronze

  • Handing Codes

    RH - Right Handed Door

    LH - Left Handed Door

    RHR - Right Hand Reverse

    LHR - Left Hand Reverse

  • Measurements

    For schematics and standard dimensions consult Locks and Latches under Hardware 101

    For handing information consult How to Determine the Handing of a Door under Hardware 101

  • Description

    Lock with buttons allows the door to be locked without a key. 2-3/4" Backset; Left or Right or Left or Right Reverse handing. Sold Individually.  Cylinder sold separately.

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