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Finishes: Polished Bronze, Hand Antiqued Bronze

Back Plates: Passage, Keyed, Privacy (Turn Piece $10)

NOTE: Tubular privacy latches can be added to passage plates

Broken Leaf Doorknob & Back Plate Sets #031X.USXX

  • Finish Codes

    Cast Bronze:

    US9A Polished Bronze

    US9B Hand Antiqued Bronze*

    *requires hand antiquing service charge



  • Description

    Set includes pair of doorknobs, pair of back plates, spindles,
    and 5/8” screws.

    Passage and Privacy (Tube) Back Plates are compatible with pre-bored doors.

    Keyed and Privacy (Turn) are not compatible with pre-bored doors. 

    Privacy (Turn) Note: One plate has turn piece ($10) and one has key hole for emergency access. 

  • Measurements

    6” x 2 1/4”

    Doorknobs: 2”

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