Sold in pair with stainless steel screws. Available in plate mounted or lag mounted.

Charleston Hand Forged Plate Shutter Dogs #41XX.US693

Plate Mounted or Lag?
  • Measurements

    The arm measures 6 inches long, the base for the plate mounted option measures 2 1/4" x 2 1/4", and the arm projects 2 1/2" from the base.

  • Description

    The antique originals are located Charleston SC and were originally made by local slaves. Each piece is hand wrought on our forge by a blacksmith, then galvanized and powder coated. The rotating part has a hand hammered rivet attaching it to a post. (We are the only company copying this detail.) Shutter dogs are gravity weighted to keep them in position. Sold by the pair with stainless steel screws. You will not find a more accurate reproduction. 

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