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4" x 4" stainless steel lift off hinges.  These are used to hang doors for easy removal, and also to connect two shutters for wide windows that have a pair of shutters that fold back on each side of the window.  Approach the door from the “push side” so that you cannot see the hinges when the door is closed. If the hinges are on the left, it is a left-hand door. Supports up to 100 pounds per pair. Powder coated black with matching screws included.  Sold per pair (two hinges) with SS screws

4" Stainless Barrel Hinges, Pair

  • Details

    Stainless with black powdercoat finish; includes matching screws.

    Supports up to 100 pounds per pair.

    Sold per pair (two hinges).

  • How do you know if you need L or R handed hinges?

    Looking at the door as it opens towards you, if the hinges are on the right, you will need to order left hand hinges.

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