Oriental small mortise entry set available with round (1st picture) or drum doorknobs (2nd picture).

Matching dummy set available.

Finishes available: Polished bronze and hand antiqued bronze. Polished bronze is shown in the first two photos. The last photo is hand antiqued bronze.

Oriental Small Mortise Entry Set #135X.USXX

Set Type
  • Finish Codes

    Cast Bronze:

    US9A Polished Bronze

    US9B Hand Antiqued Bronze*

    *requires hand antiquing service charge

  • Description

    • Set includes pair of doorknobs, pair of back plates, 5" spindle, spindle washers, and 5/8” screws. 
    • Entry Mortise Lock and cylinder sold separately. 
    • Dummy Spindles included with Dummy Set.
  • Measurements

    Doorknobs: 2 1/4”

    Plates: 8 3/4” x 2 3/4”



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