Image shows the following finishes: Antiqued Brass, Unlacquered Brass, Matte Black Iron. Also available in Polished Bronze, and Hand Antiqued Bronze.

Bennington or mineral doorknobs were made in Vermont by swirling three colors of clay and then firing the knobs in an oven.  Ours are made just like the originals.

Rim Lock Bennington Ceramic Doorknobs #2408.USXXX

  • Finish Codes

    US3A Unlacquered Brass

    US7 Hand Antiqued Brass*

    US19 Matte Black Iron

    US9A Polished Bronze

    US9B Hand Antiqued Bronze*

    *requires hand antiquing service charge

  • Description

    Set includes one doorknob with ared foot that rests on the lock, one with straight ferrule, set screws, and 4 in. spindle.

  • Measurements

    2 1/2” diameter

    1st knob: 5/8” ferrule

    2nd knob: 13/16” footed

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    A rim lock set.

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