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Finishes in order of pictures: unlacquered brass, brushed brass, polished nickel, pvd brass, brushed chrome, polished chrome, antique nickel, black, polished brass, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel.

1-1/2" Flat Universal Floor Bumper

  • Finish Codes

    Polished Brass  US3

    Unlacquered Brass  US3NL

    Brushed Brass  US4

    Antique Brass  US5

    Oil Rubbed Bronze  US10B

    Polished Nickel  US14

    Brushed Nickel  US15

    Antique Nickel  US15A

    Paint Black US19

    Polished Chrome US26

    Brushed Chrome US26D

    PVD Brass CR003

  • Description

    Solid brass 1-1/2 inch flat top universal floor bumper. 1-1/8 inch diameter. 

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