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About Us

The Team at Charleston Hardware Co.

Charleston Hardware takes much pride in manufacturing the most authentic reproductions possible. Antique American pieces are collected and molds and dies are painstakingly re-created from original American antique pieces. Each piece is made using the same techniques originally used over 125 years ago, and we are the only hardware company casting in the original composition of bronze.


Complete suites of each pattern have been reproduced, allowing hardware throughout the house to match. We assist building professionals and homeowners directly in the design, selection, and installation of hardware appropriate for a particular project. We offer customized hardware to fit existing antique locks and bespoke reproductions in wrought, cast, and lost wax from antique original pieces and schematics.

Our Story

Charleston Hardware Co. began in 1999 when owner Brad Williams restored a circa-1900 house on New Street in historic Charleston. After struggling to find period-appropriate doorknobs for the house, he decided to take matters into his own hands and establish an antique hardware reproduction business.


We have four foundries; a lock maker, a glassmaker, a ceramics maker, and a plater. By offering support in the design, selection, and installation phases of creating the perfect home -- we have been able to provide hundreds of customers with precise replicas of antique hardware and impeccable restoration services to complement their taste. Charleston Hardware Co. caters to architects, homeowners, and historians all over the country who are looking to restore the past.


Meet The Team






Operations Manager / Hardware Consultant



Hardware Consultant


Siddhant Varshney

Overseas Operations

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