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Our Images show the following finishes: polished lacquered brass, unlacquered brass, and hand antiqued brass. 

Beaded Doorknobs and 3" Rosettes

Out of Stock
  • Passage or Privacy?

    These sets are compatible with antique and new pre-bored doors.  Available in passage and privacy functions.  Passage do not lock.  Privacy locks with a small locking pin.  Passage and privacy latches sold separately.

  • Description

    Our Beaded Pattern dates to around 1900.  We collected original antique pieces, remade the moulds and reproduce exact copies.  These doorknobs and rosettes and have diameters of 2-1/8" and 3" respectively.  Solid cast brass;  They have antique style smooth spindles with set screw holes and work with antique locks and our modern tube latches.

    We are out of passage. The privacy rosettes have a small hole for locking.  Point it towards the floor if you don't want it to show for passage, non-locking sets.

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