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Sold individually.

Privacy Tube Latch for Levers

  • Description

    These are for doors that need to lock. They have a locking pin that is threaded through the rosette or backplate.  Push the pin to lock the door; if used with a jointed spindle, the lever unlocks from the inside without touching the pin.


    This latch is compatible with antique and modern pre-bored doors. These are specifically made for levers; we also sell privacy tube latches for doorknobs . This is a heavy duty latch that has a strong spring to support the weight of a lever,  It turns 27 degrees in one direction.


    It is available in  2-3/8" (shown) or 2-3/4" Backsets.  


  • Measurements

    For schematics and dimensions please see Locks and Latches under Hardware 101

  • How to select the correct backset

    Backset is the measurement needed to center the doorknob when installed.  It is the distance from the center of the doorknob to the edge of the door.  Most residential doors have a 2-3/8" backset.

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