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Ribbed with Button Center Glass Cupboard Knobs are elegant and distinctive cabinet hardware pieces that can enhance the look of your furniture or cabinets. These knobs feature a combination of ribbed texture and a button center, creating a visually appealing and tactile design.


In summary, ribbed with button center glass cupboard knobs are not only functional but also decorative and stylish. Their unique combination of texture and design can add a touch of luxury and visual appeal to your cabinets or furniture, making them a beautiful choice for enhancing your interior decor.

Ribbed with Button Center Glass Cupboard Knobs

  • Dimensions

    1-3/16" and 1-3/4" Diameter

  • Finishes

    Unlacquered Brass, Hand Antiqued Brass, and Polished Nickel

  • Description

    Adorn your kitchen cabinets or your bathroom doors with this delightful ribbed glass knob, available in two sizes and three finishes.  Dress up your kitchen or bath with this unique shaped knob.  Available in two sizes:  1-3/16" and 1-3/4" diameter in three finishes:  unlacquered brass, hand antiqued brass, and polished nickel

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