We are pleased to have on board a manufacturer of enamel signs in the UK.  These are made in the traditional way and are just like those seen in Europe.  They are custom made to your specifications. Just send us a message of what you would like and we will send you an estimate.


  • Lettering available in white, black, burgundy, green, cream and blue. 

  • Background colors, the same available.  Alternate any way you want. 


  • Shapes and sizes available: 

  • rectangular-  14 x 10 cm; 19 x 16 cm; 24 x 16 cm; 30 x 20 cm

  • square-  10 x 10 cm; 16 x 16 cm

  • round-  13 x 13 cm

  • oval-  12 x 8 cm; 16 x 11 cm; 20 x 10 cm; 36 x 22 cm;


Classic Enamel House Numbers and Custom Signs

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