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Are Pocket Doors Worth It?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Pocket Doors are a great design element to free up some extra space in your home and add a touch of elegance in large formal rooms. If you're considering making some changes with your home, installing a few pocket doors would definitely be a decision worth considering.

Free Up Space

Don't get us wrong, we love our regularly hinged doors most of the time, but they do have one downside, wasted space. Ideal for smaller bathrooms, offices or laundry rooms; pocket doors will help in tight spaces and corners, allowing for more elbow room here and there.

Great For Entertaining

Pocket doors are great substitutions in rooms where you know the door will be left open most of the time. If your dining room and living room are connected with a pocket door, this will allow for a better flow of the area and allow the room to open up more giving the illusion of a larger space. When hosting a more private affair, the door can remain closed with a simple glide into place.

Historic Attributes & Design

During the Victorian Era, many homes were designed with these gorgeous, grand pocket doors adorned with decorative brass hardware. Over the years, the pocket doors in these homes have worn out and have been replaced with swinging doors. Installing pocket doors back into your home can increase it's historic value - especially when applying period-appropriate hardware as well.


Pocket Doors are great for people who need a little extra room moving around the house. People who need wheelchair accessibility are free to move around their home without any obstacles in the way ie. swinging doors. As long as the user has full access of their hands, pocket doors are ideal for a wheelchair user's home.

Pocket doors can add a flare of historic elegance to your home and free up some extra space along the way. By incorporating these doors within your house, you can really enhance the style and accessibility within your home, and you even get to shop around for some more hardware from Charleston Hardware Company!

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