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Project Feature: The Aiken-Rhett House

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Located at 48 Elizabeth Street in downtown Charleston, the Aiken-Rhett house stands as one of the most well-preserved examples of an urban plantation house in the city.

Built in 1818, the home has maintained and exemplifies the changes that occurred in architectural design during the first half of the nineteenth century, reflecting different eras such as the Greek Revival and Victorian period. 

The Aiken-Rhett house now serves as a museum house maintained by the Historic Charleston Foundation. Charleston Hardware Co. is licensed to reproduce hardware on their behalf. 

Working from an antique original, our blacksmiths created authentic reproductions for the missing shutter dogs with hand wrought iron. The original shutter dogs were made by local slaves at the time the house was built. The pattern is now available in our shutter hardware selection as part of our Historic Charleston Foundation Hardware Collection.

Our extensive collection of hand wrought iron shutter hardware consists of exact reproductions of early American pieces. Check out all of our shutter hardware and other projects we’ve worked on here on our website!

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