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Restoring the Past, Repeating History

Our Focus on Historic Preservation
Our mission is to preserve the historical integrity of buildings through the restoration and reproduction of original antique hardware.


Our museum-quality reproduction hardware is copied directly from antique hardware originals and crafted by hand using the same procedures of over a century ago.

Each piece is hand cast in iron, brass, or bronze to match the detailing, textures, metal content, and color of the antique originals.

​We are committed to making the most authentic reproduction hardware possible.

New Arrivals!


Hardware Restoration

Our services include refinishing, plating, lock restoration and keying with brass skeleton keys. Call for cost and lead time on restorations.


Just a Few Minutes and a Screwdriver

Cupboard knobs and furniture handles
Wall mounted hooks

Museum Quality Custom Hardware

We offer lost wax, sand, and die casting as well as hand forging.  Our capabilities include CAD/CAM, CNC, plasma cutting, and precise machining.  Materials include brass, bronze, cast iron, wrought iron and stainless steel.

We offer custom hardware made to your specifications for your shutters, gates, and garage doors.  Also, we offer support in the design, selection, and installation phases of your project.  Our range includes black powder-coated hand wrought iron and stainless steel; cast brass, bronze and iron.  For more information, contact one of our design specialists.

Brass hinges

Our brass hinges are easy to swap out with your old ball tip hinges.  Same screw hole pattern and same slotted screw size.

Authentic Reproductions of American Antique Hardware

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