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The History Behind The Hardware: Beaded Pattern

Our Beaded Pattern is an antique reproduction of the 1900 Edgemont design, originally made by Reading Hardware Co. of Reading, NY. We loved it so much that we reproduced an entire hardware line in this pattern.

At Charleston Hardware Co., we are committed to making the most authentic reproduction hardware possible, ensuring our customers receive the best products.

Our hardware craftsmen remade all of the molds for this pattern and cast each piece one at a time in solid brass, using the finest sand to capture every little detail.

The finishing is done by hand just as it was over a century ago. Finishes available for this pattern include lacquered polished brass, unlacquered brass, hand antiqued brass, and antique copper. Custom finishes are also available.

Shop Charleston Hardware Co.'s Beaded Pattern here! We have a wide selection of patterns to choose from, so feel free to look around and find the perfect pieces for your home.

Give us a call at 866-958-8626 or email us at for more information.

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