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Why are pocket door handles hard to find?

Pocket doors are a type of sliding door that slides into a wall cavity, which allows them to save space in a room. Because of their unique design, pocket doors require specific hardware, including handles, that are different from those used on traditional swinging doors.

One reason why pocket door handles may be harder to find is that they are not as commonly used as traditional door handles. As a result, many hardware stores may not carry a wide selection of pocket door handles.

Another reason is that pocket door handles often have specific size requirements to fit into the door cavity, which can make finding the right handle more challenging. Some pocket doors also require flush-mount handles, which can be more difficult to find than traditional surface-mount handles.

Overall, while pocket door handles may be harder to find than traditional door handles, they are still available from many hardware suppliers, and with some research, homeowners should be able to find a suitable handle that meets their needs.

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26 de mai. de 2023

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