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Our heavy gate hinge and pintle are hand wrought by our blacksmiths.  Notice the beveling on the edges.  The straps are 2" wide and 1/4" thick;  the pintles are 2" x 6" with a 3/4" pin.  Sets are supplied with #14 x 4" lag screws.  24" and 30" lengths with 1" offsets.   Black powder coated.   Each set is as shown, with shown with one hinge and pintle per set.

200 lb Rated Gate Strap Hinge and Pintle 24" and 30" lengths

  • What size do I need?

    A good rule of thumb is for the hinge to go 2/3's across the gate.  This ensures the gate will not sag.  Asthetically, this is the perfect length.