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Our Acanthus Bead pocket door handle is crafted in Italy in solid brass.  Sold individually.


A beautiful Acanthus Bead pocket door handle is a decorative and functional addition to your interior doors, especially those with pocket door systems. These handles not only provide a convenient grip for opening and closing pocket doors but also add a touch of classical elegance to your interior decor.


The standout feature of this pocket door handle is its Acanthus Bead design. Acanthus leaves and beads are classical decorative motifs often associated with architectural and artistic beauty. The intricate detailing of the Acanthus Bead pattern adds visual interest and depth to the handle.



In summary, a beautiful Acanthus Bead pocket door handle combines the functional benefits of pocket door hardware with the classical elegance of Acanthus Bead-inspired design. The intricate detailing, durable materials, finish options, and ease of installation make these handles a stylish and decorative choice for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your pocket doors, adding a touch of classical beauty to your interior decor.



Acanthus Bead Pocket Door Handle

  • Dimensions

    5.3/8" Length x 1.56" Width

    Brass Cup Depth 0.5"

  • Pocket width

    This pull is not flush when mounted.  When the door is in the pocket, it must have 1/4" gap on either side to the edge of the door casing.  If there is not enough gap, the casing can be cut to the profile of the handle so that it will pass through.

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