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These Lovely ribbed glass doorknobs are classically gorgeous.   Mounted on solid brass bases these doorknobs are made to last generations. Available in polished lacquered brass that will preserve the shine; polished unlacquered brass that will age with time; and hand antiqued brass finishes. 

Antique Style Ribbed Glass Doorknob

  • Finish Codes

    US3A Unlacquered Brass*

    US7 Antiqued Brass*

    US3 Lacquered Brass

    *requires service charge (included in price)

  • Description

    Set includes pair of doorknobs, set screws, and 4 in. spindle.

  • Measurements



    5/8" ferrule

  • Brightness

    Our "antique style" glass doorknobs are not as bright as the others giving them an antique look.