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Beautifully made single cylinder deadbolt.  Solid cast brass.  Backset is the distance from the center of where the deadbolt mounts to the edge of the door.  ++allow 4-6 weeks for shipping++


A beautiful bamboo-style single-cylinder deadbolt is an attractive and functional addition to your entry door. It not only provides security but also adds a unique and natural touch to your exterior door hardware.


The standout feature of this deadbolt is its bamboo-style design. The bamboo detailing is often intricately crafted, evoking a sense of nature and organic beauty.


In summary, a beautiful bamboo-style single-cylinder deadbolt combines the functional benefits of a deadbolt with the unique and natural beauty of bamboo-inspired hardware. The intricate bamboo detailing, durable materials, finish options, and ease of operation make these deadbolts a stylish and secure choice for your entry door, adding a touch of nature and character to your home's exterior while enhancing security.

Bamboo Single Cylinder Deadbolt

  • Available Finishes

    unlacquered brass

    lacquered brass

    hand antiqued brass

    oil rubbed bronze

    satin black

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