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Sold individually.  Note the original catalogue picture!


The first example picture shows the banjo mounted and the foot not touching the sashes, which are free to move.  The second picture is with the handle dropped, and the foot pressed against the sashes.  This eliminates rattle, closes the air gap, and locks the sashes into place.  The third picture shows the sash open and held in position with the foot.

Banjo Window Sash Lock

  • Great for rattling or uneven windows.

    These sleek window sash locks date from the early 1870's, and are mounted where the two sashes meet.  Pull the handle down and the sashes are pushed together to eliminate a gap.  Raise the window a bit and the sashes will lock into place in any position, and will keep your windows from rattling!  It is an an ideal lock for windows where the two sashes are not perfectly aligned.


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