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Available in oil rubbed bronze

Bungalow Oil Rubbed Bronze Back Plates With Glass Doorknobs

$143.00 Regular Price
$123.00Sale Price
  • Description

    Bungalow back plates with glass doorknobs. Sold as a set of two plates and two doorknobs. An adjustable spindle will be included with set screws.

    Choose from the following glass doorknobs in order of pictures above: octagonal (8 sided), round, and fluted.

    Back plates are available in the following functions: Passage plates with no keyholes (shown), plates with keyholes for skeleton key locks, privacy plates for privacy mortise locks, and privacy plates drilled to accomodate our privacy push pin tube latch.

    Add a latch or a lock to make this a complete set.

    • Sold by the pair with 5/8” screws.
    • Passage and Privacy (Tube Latch) Back Plates are compatible with pre-bored doors.
    • Keyed and Privacy (Turn) are not compatible with pre-bored doors. 
    • Privacy For Mortise (Turn) Note: One plate has turn piece ($10) and one has key hole for emergency access. Requires a lock hub set on the square.
  • Measurements

    Back Plates: 8" x 2-1/2"


    Doorknobs: Octagonal 2-1/4" diameter, Fluted 2" diameter, Round 2-1/8" diameter.

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