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A casement window arm, often referred to as a casement window operator or crank handle, is an essential component in a casement window system. It is responsible for opening and closing the window by moving the sash inward or outward.



Casement Window Arm

  • Dimensions

    10" arm

    Rod: 10" by 3/8" diameter

    Plates: 2-3/8" x 1". 


    12" arm

    Rod: 12" by 3/8" diameter

    Plates: 2-3/8" x 1"


  • Finish Codes

    PB polished brass

    PL lacquered polished brass

    PN polished nickel

    BN brushed nickel

    OB oil rubbed bronze

  • Description

    This solid brass authentic reproduction of an antique window adjuster is reversible for right or left handed windows that open out, and comes in two sizes.  

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