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Available in oil rubbed bronze. 


Craftsman back plates with glass doorknobs. Sold as a set of two plates and two doorknobs. An adjustable spindle will be included with set screws.


Choose from the following glass doorknobs in order of pictures above: octagonal (8 sided), round, and fluted.

Back plates are available in the following functions: Passage plates and dummy plates, with no keyholes (shown), and privacy plates drilled to accommodate our privacy push pin tube latch.


Add a latch or a lock to make this a complete set.


  • Sold by the pair with 5/8” screws.
  • Passage and Privacy (Tube Latch) Back Plates are compatible with pre-bored doors.

Craftsman Back Plates With Glass Doorknobs

$136.00 Regular Price
$116.00Sale Price
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