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Our cremone bolts are made by Baldwin.  We wanted to offer the best on the market.  The mechanism releases or locks both the top and bottom bolts at the same time.  Beauty and function combined.  We selected very a simple lever and knob as options.  If you would like another style, let us know.  This is a one sided set up.  If you would like a working knob on the other side or a dummy knob on the other side, we offer that as well.

Cremone Bolts

  • Finish Codes

    Polished Lacquered Brass  (stays bright)

    Unlacquered Brass (a live finish that  with ages with time)

    Oil Rubbed Bronze

    Satin Nickel

    Satin Black

    Polished Chrome

    Polished Nickel (only available in the 7 foot size)

  • Measurements

    7 Foot Length:

    Top Rod 5/8" x 40-7/8"

    Bottom Rod 5/8" x 38-7/8"


    8 Foot Length: 

    Top Rod: 5/8" x 52-7/8"

    Bottom Rod: 5/8" x 38-7/8"


    Case Size: 1-3/4" x 6-1/4"


    Knob Size: 2" diameter, 2-1/2" projection

    Lever Size: 4-1/4" long, 2-7/8" projection

  • Description

    Plain (first picture) or ornamental (second picture) cremone bolts for 7 foot or 8 foot doors. These bolts are often used on french doors with narrow stiles. Select handing, right or left. Select knob or lever. Furnished with three strikes: universal, angle, and mortise. For doors larger than 8 foot, an extension kit is required. Please call us at 866-958-8626 for details.

    Cremone bolts are intended for use on interior doors only.

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