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The bald eagle was adopted as the national emblem of the United States of America in 1789.  It has appeared on the reverse side of the quarter, the half dollar and the silver dollar.  It is featured on the President's flag, on military insignia, and upon the mace of the House of Representatives.  It is a regal and appropriate symbol for a doorknocker that will welcome people to your homes.  

Eagle Doorknocker

  • Description

    Our patriotic eagle is the perfect size for most doors.  Our bright highly polished unlacquered brass US3A will darken with time or can be polished. Our hand antiqued finish US7 looks like it has been exposed to the elements for a while and will continue to age over time.

  • Measurements

    Size: 5-9/16" x 7" W

    CTC Bolts:-3-1/8"

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