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Stories of how the pineapple came to symbolize hospitality abound.  Written records show the tropical fruit was imported from the Caribbean by American colonists beginning in the 17th century. The trade routes between the American continent and the Caribbean islands were notoriously perilous, and the journey was long and slow.  So when a pineapple actually made it to shore, it was considered a significant achievement, and it was a high honor for a guest to be offered this once rare fruit.  There are similar accounts of New England sea captains placing a pineapple outside of their homes upon safe return from trade routes in the Pacific and the Caribbean. 


What a historic and delightful way to welcome guests to your home!


(source: University of Central Florida Rosen Library)

Large Pineapple Doorknocker

  • Measurements

    The pineapple measures 6-1/4 inches tall by 3-1/2 inches wide (at the widest point).

  • Finishes

    Unlacquered Brass US3A

    Hand Antiqued Brass US7

  • Description

    Our large pineapple doorknocker will greet your visitors with the symbol of hospitality.  Made of heavy cast brass. Our bright hi