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Sold by the pair.

Hand Forged Meeting Street Plate Mounted Shutter Dogs

  • Description

    The antique originals upon which this design is based are located on Meeting Street in Charleston, SC, and were made over 200 years ago.  They can be either lag mounted or plate mounted.  


    Shutter dogs are also known as shutter stays, or shutter hold backs. Our lag mounted shutter dogs are hand forged by our blacksmiths, galvanized and black powder coated. They are made to last generations.


    The rotating part has a hand hammered rivet that attaches it to a post. We are the only company that reproduces this detail! You will not find a more accurate reproduction.


    Shutter dogs are both decorative and functional. They are gravity weighted to keep them in position. One end is heavier than the other, and in the vertical position the top of the dog holds the shutter open.

  • Dimensions

    Height:  6"


    Plate:  2-1/4" x 2-1/4"


    Lag:  4"


    Projection:  2-1/2"

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