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Lacquered finishes, shown in the order of the pictures:  Florentine Brass FB, Sienna Brass SB, Etruscan Bronze EB, Venetian Nickel VN


++allow 4-6 weeks for shipping++

Italian Decorative Deadbolt

  • Finishes

    These are lacquered finishes. 

    As shown in the order of the pictures:

    Florentine Brass FB

    Sienna Brass SB

    Etruscan Bronze EB

    Venetian Nickel VN

  • Description

    These beautifully detailed are made by Omnia in Italy. We thought we should add them to our collection of hardware. They are solid brass and come in four finishes. Fits doors up to 2" thick. Call our store if you would like to purchase for thicker doors. 

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