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Finishing is done by hand just as it was over a century ago. The relief has japanning to bring out the details.  The polished bronze finish will acquire a soft, statuary patina with time. Hand antiquing is offered to make the hardware look old at the time of installation. 


The Oriental Set with Round Doorknobs and Narrow Keyed Backplates is an elegant and distinctive door hardware ensemble that draws inspiration from Oriental design motifs. The round doorknobs, with their smooth and ergonomic shape, offer a comfortable grip and a pleasing tactile experience.

Complementing the doorknobs are the narrow keyed backplates, featuring intricate Oriental-inspired patterns. These patterns, often characterized by delicate detailing and graceful curves, add a touch of sophistication and cultural richness to the overall set.


The combination of the round doorknobs and narrow keyed backplates creates a harmonious and balanced look, blending functionality with a sense of style. Whether used in residential or commercial spaces, the Oriental Set with Round Doorknobs and Narrow Keyed Backplates is sure to make a statement, adding a touch of cultural flair to any door it graces.


Images show the following:

Finishes: Polished Bronze, Hand Antiqued Bronze

Back Plates: Keyed

Oriental Set With Round Doorknobs and Narrow Keyed Backplates

  • Description

    • Polished bronze looks like 24ct gold
    • Hand antiqued bronze has a darker patina
    • Sold by the pair with 5/8” screws.
    • Not compatible with pre-bored doors.
    • 5-1/4" x 1-1/2"
    • 5/8" Opening 
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