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We have had a lot of requests for hardware for "jib" doors.  This is how it is done:

  • This latch mounts on the door frame.  It has a spring loaded push bar.  When you push on the closed door, it opens towards you.  For a closet, this is all you need except for the hidden hinges.
  • If it is for a door leading into a room, you will need a pull on that side to close the door.  This can be a dummy doorknob or a flush ring pull.  
  • if the door needs to lock, add a privacy bolt with a turn to lock and unlock the door.  On the other side, the blank side, a small hole that can have trim around it or no trim is a good idea to allow access to open the door.

Touch Latch for Hidden "Jib" Door

  • Details

    1-7/8" tall for shorter doors

    2-1/4" tall for standard doors

  • Finishes available

    polished lacquered  brass

    satin brass

    satin bronze

    satin chrome

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