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Finishes: Hand Antiqued Brass, Unlacquered Brass, Lacquered Brass.

Type: Single Door Keyed

Rope Keyed Pocket Door Sets

  • Finish Codes

    Cast Brass:

    US7 Hand Antiqued Brass*

    US3A Unlacquered Brass

    US3 Lacquered Brass

    *requires hand antiquing service charge

  • Description

    Early Greco/Roman architectural details often appear in door hardware. The Rope pattern dates to around 1900. We reproduced this complete suite from antique originals. Each piece is hand cast in brass and finished using the same techniques of over a century ago.

    Single Door: Set as shown. Minimal door thickness 1-3/4"

  • Measurements

    Single Door

    Handle: 6" x 2-5/8"

    3/8" recess

    Strike Plate: 3" x 1"

    Double Door

    Handle: 5-7/8" x 2-1/2"

    5/16" recess

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