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4 Historic Landmarks with Haunting Hardware

With centuries of history to get inspired from, historic landmarks and older homes tend to be a popular location for ghost stories and paranormal encounters. Whether you're a believer or not, October seems to get us all into the spooky spirit.

In honor of Halloween, we wanted to share a few historic projects that Charleston Hardware Company has worked on with haunted tales of their own!

The Crescent Hotel - Eureka Springs, AR

Built in 1886, The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas has earned the title of "America's Most Haunted Hotel." In the late 1930s, the infamous owner Norman Baker operated the structure as a cancer hospital for patients desperate for a cure.

With empty promises and no medical degree, Baker would extract medical specimens from his patients and display them in bottles within the hotel's basement area, otherwise known as his morgue. Today, guests have experienced paranormal encounters with these patients roaming the hotel hallways at night, pleading for help.

Charleston Hardware Co. was retained by the owners to reproduce all of the hotel's antique cast bronze doorknobs and rosettes. Working from original samples, we analyzed and matched the metallic content and sand cast each piece. Finishing was done by hand using the same techniques from over 120 years ago. The building boasts a fascinating, haunted past on the National Register of Historic Places.


DeWitt County Courthouse - DeWitt County, TX

This 1897 Romanesque Revival Style courthouse was built with brown sandstone and shades of pink granite. Legend has it that the silhouette of a full-skirted woman pacing back and forth would appear at night on the lighted face of the north clock. It's believed that she died waiting for her boyfriend who would never return, eventually leading her spirit to fly up to the courthouse's clock tower.

The structure was designed with close attention to detail, including intricate Oriental Pattern hardware. We reproduced complete interior and entry door sets including the locks, plates, doorknobs and hinges. We also adapted the original design for modern security of the exterior and courtroom doors.


McCulloch County Courthouse - Brady, TX

Built in 1890, this Victorian style courthouse has been a staple for many paranormal encounters in the past 20 years. It all started in 2004 when a family passing through Brady, TX decided to stop and pose for a picture near the stone monument. When the photo was developed, an image of an elderly man wearing an ancient suit and tie can be seen peering through the window. Many visitors claim to have seen the same man walking through the halls on different occasions.

We reproduced cast bronze Victorian period decorative hardware including the Diagonal design hinges, doorknobs and rosettes first created by Corbin Lock Company. The courthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places.


Fenwick Plantation - Johns Island, SC

Fenwick Hall was built along the banks of Stono River in 1730. Today, it is still the finest example of Georgian architecture in South Carolina. The ghost tale told here is that in the mid 18th century, the young Ann Fenwick fell hopelessly in love with Tony, a bachelor that her father did not approve of.

Growing frustrated with having to hide their love, Ann and Tony eloped. Once Ann's father found out, he ordered his men to put Tony on a horse with a noose around his neck and ride him out of town. Today, many locals have seen the headless horseman riding around Johns Island in the moonlight, calling out for his lost love.

Charleston Hardware Co. was commissioned by the owner in 2006 to restore two large rim locks from the manor house. Our locksmith in England reproduced the original keys and recast broken and missing parts to return the locks to their original working order. We also reproduced the original 24 inch long wrought iron strap hinges and shutter dogs for the carriage house.

From historic restoration projects to home renovations, Charleston Hardware Co. assists building professionals and homeowners directly in the design, selection and installation of hardware appropriate for a particular project. Give us a call at 866-958-8626 and we'll help you find the perfect hardware for your project!

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