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With the Shape of Door Knobs

Updated: May 10

Love is like a door knob... an entry to a whole new world. If you're someone who thinks picking out door hardware for your door is tedious or insignificant, think again! Your door hardware deserves that special attention too. The first thing that someone touches and sees when they walk up to your house is your front door and it's respective hardware. Our job is to help you make that first impression remarkable.

One doorknob may seem the same to you as another - just an object to wrap your fingers around and open the door, not to grab your attention. The design and quality of our authentic reproductions can do wonders for your guests and capturing the attention your home deserves!

Scroll Doorknob

These beautifully detailed doorknobs are reproductions of antiques dating back to the late 1800s. We collected the original antique hardware of the pattern and made our own molds. The original antique brass is cast using the same techniques used over 125 years ago. Our gorgeous scroll pattern comes in many different product categories such as doorbells, bin pulls, window locks and more! Each product marked with the same details.

Oriental Drum Knob

The bold and detailed Oriental Pattern is one of our favorites! Branford Lock Works first produced this popular pattern back in 1884. Each piece is hand-cast one at a time in solid bronze. This knob is available in hand antiqued bronze (left picture) or a polished bronze.

If you look at the knob straight on, you'll see the beautiful detailing of an open fan, the rising sun and bamboo. The relief has a japanning finish to help bring out the details. A great gem to really make your door stand out.

Round Rope Door Knob

We completed the complete Rope Pattern suite from antique originals dating back to the 1900s. Each piece is hand cast in brass and finished using the same techniques from over a century ago. This doorknob set and it's back plates are compatible with new construction as well as old.

Swirl Beaded Door Knob

This door knob's unique design looks quite similar to that of an ice-cream cone. Our Beaded Pattern was originally made in the early 1900's by Reading Hardware Co. of Reading, NY. Each piece is cast one at a time in solid brass, using the finest sand to capture each small intricate detail.

Doorknobs and door hardware are the jewelry of your home. You can dress up any room with luxury brass and bronze patterns to accentuate your interior. Shop more of our decorative door knob patterns directly on our website.

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Jan 28, 2023

I called a mobile locksmith once to repair the door knob also but they suggested replacement of the knob. So, it ended up doing its replacement.


Oct 31, 2021

You can opt a locksmith for door knobs replacement as with door locks they can repair door knobs also.


Sep 27, 2021

It can be of any type and as variety of designs are available in the market of door locks and you can opt the one for your door by visiting the locksmith store.

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