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Restoration vs. Replacement

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

If your home contains original antique hardware, you should consider restoring it rather than replacing it.  The benefits are plentiful!

  • The original set will enhance the authenticity of your antique home.

  • It is difficult to find new hardware that will cover the ghost of the old.

  • It costs less to remove, refurbish, and replace originals, than it does to fill in holes, patch, repaint, and then install hardware with different screw patterns.

  • Antique hardware stands the test of time.  If you still have the original 100 year hardware, with restoration, there is no reason why it won’t last for many generations to come.

  • It can often be completed by DIY homeowners.

Hardware removal need not be difficult.  Here are the steps.

  1. Locate the doorknob set screws.  Each knob will have one set screw that holds the doorknob to the spindle.

  2. Take a sharp blade or tap the slot with a new screw driver to remove any paint in the groove.  

  3. Remove the doorknobs.

  4. Next remove the trim.  The round rosette or rectangular or decorative back plate is removed by exposing the screw head slots as above.  Take a sharp blade and go around the outline.  This will prevent the paint on the edges from chipping.  

  5. Remove the trim.

  6. Next remove the lock.  If there is a keyed cylinder in the lock, loosen the two screws on the face of the lock.  These are not the screws at the top and bottom, rather they are two side by side about ¼ down the face plate of the lock.

  7. Once they are removed or loosened, the cylinder will rotate counter-clockwise. Insert a key half way into the cylinder and use it as a handle to remove the cylinder. Alternatively, a plumber’s wrench can be used but will scar the cylinder. Plan on replacing it if this method is used.

  8. Pull both sides of the screw driver toward the edge of the door, pushing the lock out.

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Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Jun 07, 2023

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