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Finishes: Polished Brass. Also available in Unlacquered Brass, Hand Antiqued Brass, Unlacquered Brass Black Relief

Back Plates: Passage, Keyed, Privacy (Turn Piece).

NOTE: Tubular privacy latches can be added to passage plates

Garland Back Plates

  • Description

    All of our decorative brass hardware pieces are made from antique originals. We remade the moulds and reproduce each piece using the same brass content and techniques used over a century ago. When pairing these together check that the diameter of the doorknob ferrule will fit into the plate or rosette. These pieces were originally made by different manufacturers and will vary in size. We have paired various pieces as guides. 

    • Sold by the pair with 5/8" brass screws.
    • Passage and Privacy (Tube) Back Plates are compatible with pre-bored doors.
    • Keyed and Privacy (Turn) are not compatible with pre-bored doors. 
    • Privacy (Turn) Note: One plate has turn piece ($10) and one has key hole for emergency access. 
  • Measurements

    7-1/4" x 2-1/4" Back Plates

    3/4" Opening

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