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Interior Window and Shutter

Tips on picking out window hardware


  1. Measure from the front of the meeting rail (where the bottom of the top window and the top of the bottom window meet when the window is closed) to the pane of glass.The keeper must fit within this dimension.

  2. If the meeting rails are even where the lock mounts, any lock will work  .If they are not even:A piece of wood can be used under the lock or keeper to level things out.Alternative locks that do not mount on the meeting rails, are the banjo lock and combination lock/lift.

  3. If you want to lock the sash in the closed and in any open position, use a banjo lock.It also pushes the sashes tightly together to eliminate air gaps or rattles.

  4. If you are adding a lock and a single window lift, the combination lock/lift may save some $$

  5. For two over two sashes, single locks are OK mounted on either side.Mount on the same side all around the room.


Sash lifts:

  1. If your sashes work smoothly, one sash lift should do the job.

  2. If your sashes bump or pinch when you open them, two lifts are the way to go.

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