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Our Projects


We often work with the Historic Charleston Foundation to reproduce antique hardware for some of Charleston's finest homes. Over the years, our small company had gained the attention from historic professionals across the country. Below, you'll see the projects we've acquired through our beautiful craftsmanship and authentic reproductions. Please browse through each project and enjoy!

The Admiral's Quarters, Naval Base

North Charleson SC 

U.S. Custom House
Charleston, SC

We were retained by Liollio Architects to survey and determine the appropriate hardware for the restoration of the ground floor of the U.S Custom House. 

U.S Custom House.jpg

Nathaniel Russell House
Charleston, SC

We reproduced a plantation shutter knob for the Nathaniel Russell House, one of the finest surviving examples of Federal Architecture in the United States.


Aiken Rhett House
Charleston, SC

We were retained by the Historic Charleston Foundation to reproduce the shutter hardware for this historic home based on the original slave-made shutter dog.


The Crescent Hotel
Eureka Springs, AR

The Crescent Hotel is recognized by the National Trust as an elite member of "Historic Hotels in America." We reproduced their antique doorknobs and rosettes.


Rutherford B Hayes Mansion
Columbus, OH

After President Rutherford B. Hayes completed his term, he retired to his estate in Freeman, Ohio. We reproduced hardware for his desk, cabinetry, and the entry door.


Dewitt County Courthouse
Dewitt County, TX

Built in 1890, The Dewitt County Courthouse was constructed with close attention to detail & included the Oriental Pattern Hardware made by Branford Lock Works.

dewitt county.jpeg

McCulloch County Courthouse
Brady, TX

This Victorian Style courthouse was built in 1890. We reproduced period-appropriate hardware in cast-bronze including diagonal hinges, doorknobs, and rosettes.


Lowndes Grove Plantation
Charleston, SC

Lowndes Grove was built in 1786 on the banks of the Ashley River in Charleston, SC. We provided solid cast brass doorknobs and period-appropriate rosettes.

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