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Customer Testimonials

"Charleston Hardware is one of my favorite hardware companies. They have excellent customer service and the perfect piece of hardware for historic renovations and traditional New England homes." - Zel Bowman Laberge

"I am a huge fan of this store and have had the pleasure of ordering from them a couple of times. They have beautiful, quality products which are reproductions of original antique designs. Their customer service is great - they are super helpful over the phone in picking out what you need and are also helpful if you need to return something (which I did)." - Sarah Jensen

"During the Restoration of our 145-year-old home in the Wine Country of Northern California, we relied on Charleston hardware for the difficult-to-find hardware that added all of the beautiful finishing touches that the home deserved. Add to that incredible customer service! We adore Charleston hardware!" - Mark Goff

"Service and turnaround time was amazing. Brad organizes everything for you perfectly so there's no confusion. He knows just what you need and thinks of everything. I couldn't be happier" - Sandra Berg

"I am a designer and had the pleasure of working with Charleston Hardware. Wonderful service and unbelievable workmanship. My order was delayed but they were in communication the whole time. I love this company!" - J.C.

Spotlight on Design


There's nothing we love more at Charleston Hardware Co. than seeing the finished result of our customer's gorgeous projects.  Click the picture for more details.

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