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Neoclassical French Shell

Download Neoclassical French Shell Catalog

The neoclassical style French Shell pattern dates to around 1890. It was made by Sargent and Company of New Haven Connecticut.  It's original name was Froantenac. The back plates feature a stylized shell at the top and French scroll design. We have reproduced this pattern by lost wax investment casting. First an impression is made each piece (similar to a dentist’s impression of teeth). The impression is filled with wax. The wax model is placed in a flask surrounded by investment material (the finest sand available). The flask is then heated in an oven until all of the wax melts away leaving a mold with an empty space inside. Molten bronze is then poured into the mould. Finishing is done by hand using the same techniques used over a century ago. This process is more time consuming and expensive than traditional sand casting. It is used to capture the finest details. Charleston Hardware is one of the few reproduction hardware manufacturers offering this casting technique. The results are museum quality pieces. 

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