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Don't miss out on the impact hinges make!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

It’s in the Details!

Hinges represent about ½ of the total hardware on a door and are seen when the door is open and closed. In the picture notice the decorative leaves that show when the door is open and the reveal of the hinge that shows when the door is closed. This hinge has a decorative barrel and finial as well as a decorative reveal. Take a look at your hinges and notice how they look with your other hardware.


Hinges do show when the door is open and closed and should match the other hardware. Hinges inside a bathroom should match the hardware inside that bathroom even if the hall side is different. A good rule of thumb is that when the door is closed, all of the hardware should match in that room. We offer all finishes to match your hardware.

New Construction:

Spec houses often have temporary hinges in place to save the builder money. They were supplied with the door and frame for pre-hung doors, making installation much easier for the carpenters. These hinges should then be swapped out to match the other door hardware.

Old Construction:

Unless you have original decorative bronze hinges, you will most likely have painted over steel hinges. These may be stripped to plain steel metal and then painted or replaced to match your other hardware.

Hinge Replacement

* Measure your existing hinges by opening the hinge all the way and measuring the outside edges. In most cases the width and height will be the same. Do not include decorative hinge tips.

* Note the screw hole location. Ideally the old screws are removed and the new hinges are installed without drilling new holes. 3 ½” x 3 ½” hinges match up in most cases. 4” x 4” hinges have a variety of screw hole patterns. Select a hinge with a matching pattern for easiest installation. If a match is not available, re-drill screw holes before installation.

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18 jul 2023

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