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Finishing is done by hand just as it was over a century ago. The relief has japanning to bring out the details. Will acquire a soft, statuary patina with time. Hand antiquing is offered to make the hardware look old at the time of installation. 


Before you order, determine the handing of your door.  If you stand on the exterior and push the door inward and the hinges are on your left, it is a left handed door.  


The door can be locked 3 ways and all three lock the doorknob on the outside. It is only unlocked by pushing the buttons. This lock uses a jointed spindle so that the inside doorknob never locks.


These are the 3 ways to lock the door:

-key from outside locks knob and throws deadbolt

-turn piece from inside locks the knob and throws deadbolt

-push buttons (only locks the doorknob, does not throw the deadbolt); used when leaving.  No key is needed.


Oriental Baldwin Egress Mortise Lock, 2-3/4" Backset

  • Details

    Lock with egress buttons.

    • Plain front, decorative strike plate.
    • 2-3/4" Backset
    • All handings available
    • Sold Individually.
    • Mortise Lock Cylinder sold separately.
  • Matching Cupboard Knobs & More

    Cabinet latches, shutter knobs, bin pulls and window lifts are just a few of the additional pieces offered in our Oriental hardware collection.  

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