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Available in the following finishes: Polished Bronze, Hand Antiqued Bronze


The door can be locked 3 ways and all three lock the doorknob on the outside. It is only unlocked by pushing the buttons. This lock uses a jointed spindle so that the inside doorknob never locks.


These are the 3 ways to lock the door:

-key from outside locks knob and throws deadbolt

-turn piece from inside locks the knob and throws deadbolt

-push buttons (only locks the doorknob, does not throw the deadbolt); used when leaving.  No key is needed.


Rice Baldwin Mortise Lock, 2-1/2" Backset w/ buttons

  • Finish Codes

    US9A Polished Bronze

    US9B Hand Antiqued Bronze*

    *requires hand antiquing service charge

  • Handing Codes

    RH - Right Handed Door

    LH - Left Handed Door

    RHR - Right Hand Reverse

    LHR - Left Hand Reverse

  • Measurements

    For schematics and standard dimensions consult Locks and Latches under Hardware 101

  • Cylinders

    Cylinders sold separately to fit the thickness of your door.

  • Description

    Baldwin entry mortise lock with 2-1/2" backset.  Buttons on the front of the lock lock the outside doorknob allowing the door to be locked without the key.  The lock front is plain bronze and the strike plate has the decorative rice pattern.

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