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Images show the following finishes:  Lacquered Brass, Unlacquered Brass, Antique Copper. Also available in Hand Antiqued Brass.

Beaded Mail Slot

  • Finish Codes

    Cast Brass:

    US3 Lacquered Brass

    US8 Antique Copper


  • Description

    Spring loaded door pushes inward.

  • Measurements

    3" x 9"

    1-5/16" x 5" opening

  • Description

    Our Beaded Pattern dates to around 1900.  We collected original antique pieces, remade the moulds and reproduce exact copies.  These doorknobs and rosettes and have diameters of 2-1/8" and 2" respectively.  Solid cast brass;  They have antique style smooth spindles with set screw holes and work with antique locks and our modern tube latches.

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