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We made these from antique originals for a court house in Texas. The moulds were remade and then each piece was cast one at a time and finished using the same techniques of over a century ago.  The drum knobs are an intriguing design and are embellished with an intricate pattern.  


Available in solid cast brass and bronze; both finishes available polished or hand antiqued.



Courthouse Rounded Drum Doorknobs and Rosettes

  • To complete the set:

    Passage Latch  for doors that do not need to lock

    Privacy Tube Latch for interior doors to lock

    Dummy Spindle for a stationary set on french doors or closet doors used with a ball catch. 

  • Details

    Sold as a set of two doorknobs with a spindle, and two rosettes. 


    They measure 2-1/8" in diameter.

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