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Sold by the pair.   

Shell Shutter Dogs

SKU: 88258
  • Description

    Our powdercoated shell shutter dogs are a whimsical choice to hold open shutters on houses that are located near water.  This piece is reproduced from an antique, and was sand cast by hand.


    These shutter dogs work via gravity.  The bottoms of the shells are heavier than the tops, so when positioned vertically, they will hold your shutters open.  You can tilt the shell to the side if you wish to close the shutters against the window, in the event of an oncoming storm.


    Sold as a pair.

  • Dimensions:

    Lag: It is 4-1/2 inches long, and is suitable for wood and masonry applications.

    Shell:  The body of the shell is 4".

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